Professional Cleaning Services for the Healthcare Sector

Hospital hallwaySpecialising in healthcare cleaning Low Cost Cleaning understands the challenges faced in order to sustain a safe and hygienic environment ensuring that all Health and Safety and CQC regulations are met and maintained.

Healthcare environments have a strict code surrounding the standards of hygiene and this must be maintained at all levels.  Low Cost Cleaning provides a clean and safe environment ensuring that risk to patients from infections is reduced to a minimum.

This needs to work effectively in everyday practice and must have a culture that is vigilant to the reducing the spread of infection and maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Low Cost Cleaning has devised a health and safety and CQC pack which ensures that all regulations for supporting and meeting The Health and Social Care Act within the NHS and private healthcare facilities are met and maintained.

If you have any concerns that your current cleaning provision may not meet the requirements of CQC please do not hesitate to contact Low Cost Cleaning for further information.

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